Still more Potty

From pinoyexchange:

I don't know...Potter in this movie has a real attitude; he's angry when the Muggles oppress him, he shows real antagonism towards the whatchamacallem, the rival group he keeps fighting with all the time? (Slithern, right?) Plus there was real anger when he learned who helped kill his parents.

I never saw anything like that in the previous two movies. There Potter was a cutey nice guy, always polite, always self-sacrificing and sweet and gentle and and heroic and all. Very dull.

In the end, he says nothing really happened, which is a bitter thing to say; it has to be pointed out to him that saving lives is not nothing.

He seems to have learned that you can't have a happy ending in all your adventures, and not all problems can be solved at the end of the school year. Very adult lessons, actually.

This Potter looks like his hormones are starting to pump, are maybe a little out of his control. He's starting to look interesting, actually. Napagising ako.

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