Potty growth

from pinoyexchange:

"I agree that Alfonso Cuaron is a good director, but he had taken too many liberties, and there was no character growth shown in the movie."

I don't agree that there was no character development. I pointed out above that Potter is angrier and more irritable (that's a change right off), that his concept and attitude towards Black changes throughout the film, that he develops a friendship with Lupin, and that towards the end, he cries out that nothing's been achieved. That level of bitter awareness and disillusionment is something he did not have at the end of the previous Potty movies. In fact, I'd go so far as to say this is the only Potter movie to have any character development--at least any that's believable, or even moving.


cutefurrybeast said...

That actor sure seemed a lot older than 13 as well (it's me, Tonya) - Harry is much more adult and self-assured in this film.  He tells off his loathsome relative, does magic inside the house and stands up to his equally loathsome guardians (why in F is he still living with them? Eh, comes from not reading the books I guess).  I'm with you Noel, this installment is the most alive and complex of the three.  Things you've already mentioned in your review such as making the backdrop of Hogwarts more dark and forbidding (the changes of puberty?), Harry playing Quidditch during a rainstorm ... did you notice there's hardly a moment in the film when he doesn't have bruises, cuts, scrapes and nearly broken bones?  Typical 13 year old.

cutefurrybeast said...

Ack - I forgot to say that scene where Harry is following (can't remember the character's name - the one who turns out to be the traitor) footsteps on the map and Professor Snape stops and interrogates him - Harry very assertively tells him his father wasn't a troublemaker and asks him to lower his (wand?).  He never would have done that before.  

noelbotevera said...

Hi, Tons, thanks for dropping by.

I think I read somewhere Harry's obligated to go back to his Muggle guardians. Something about keeping safe from Valdewhatsisname, plus some legal requirement if he is to stay in school or somesuch.

I don't really know. But who cares, right?