The difference between Ebert and real critics

From The Atlantic online forums:

My point was that I, an anime virgin, would not have sought out Totoro and begun my love of Miyazaki's work were it not for Ebert's enthusiasm all those years ago

Chris was threatening to hold me to my statement re: Miyazaki because Ebert was an early champion. Yeah, people find out about Studio Ghibli sooner or later; I think it's as obvious as night and day.

I do believe Ebert had kind words for the first two Harry Potty movies over the third one tho. Now that's the mark of a moron.

In fairness, is there any reviewer that you agree with 100% of the time - yourself excluded?

I enjoyed Agee, Kael, Bazin, Warshow among others. Often didn't agree with them, but I enjoyed them, and for three reasons: first, they can write; second, they can defend their choices, however much I disagree; third, they don't so obviously whore for the major studios.

Oh, and fourth, they don't devote the majority of their articles to plot summaries that give away major plot twists. And they don't do that ridiculous ratings thing.

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