Porterhouse steak

Thought I'd use the oven today. Asked for a two-inch porterhouse steak specially cut at the butcher's, which was massive, something like over two pounds (it cost an arm and a leg, but I thought we needed a special occasion or something). Brought it home, let it warm up for an hour to room temperature.

For side dishes, I put potatoes, roma tomatoes, Vidalia onions on a tray, drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil, sprinkled with kosher salt and fresh-cracked pepper, and had them broiled on the upper rack at 350 degrees (the potatoes for an hour; the onions for around a half-hour; the tomatoes for around fifteen minutes). Roasted four ears of corn on the bottom rack, thirty minutes at 350 degrees.

Also had portabello mushrooms on a different tray, drizzled extra virgin olive oil, kosher salt and fresh ground pepper over it, broiled for around twenty minutes at 500 degrees.

Finally took the steak, slathered it with a mixture of butter and canola oil that had been sitting for a few nights with minced garlic in them (leftover from the last time I made garlic croutons), laid a crust of kosher salt and fresh ground pepper on top, bottom, and sides, and set it in a cast-iron pan that had been heating in the oven for twenty minutes at 500 degrees (yep, while the mushrooms were broiling). Cooked the steak 8 minutes each side for medium rare (broiler turned off--didn't want it to cook too fast), let it rest for five minutes.

Desert was some old Fuji apples and Asian pears I found in the fridge and baked (350 degrees, thirty minutes) and served with a sauce of condensed and regular milk.

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