Buffy Musical (Once More With Feeling)

Missed this on FX, saw it on DVD; helps to put on the subtitles, you don't worry about the lyrics.

It's fun; I'd argue it's the single best Buffy I've seen. It certainly is the most difficult, I'd guess. I love it that Whedon got to showcase the best voices--Amber, Anthony, James, Emma, and even got Amber and Anthony to do a number together AND present a turning point in their respective relationships AND push the plot of the particular episode forward at the same time. 

Oh, and Alyson, despite not being able to sing, has the single most hilarious line "this is filler, isn't it?"

Okay, Sarah can't really sing either. But she does act her final song well, where she asks for a reason to stay alive. I also like it when Anthony comes in and says she needs backup (which Amber and Emma provide, handily). 

Pretty good. Minor flaws; I wish the camerawork of all the numbers were as classic in style as in "I'll Never Tell." And the plot point that you burn up if you dance too much is kind of clumsily introduced. 

But yeah, it could be my fave Buffy to date.

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