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Something I posted on Pinoyexchange:

It's funny trying to compare this to Back to the Future...I love the Back to the Future movies, I like the way they just pile on the complications, just see how much plot twist and thrill setpieces they can insert into three ninety minute movies. It's fun, and the best work Robert Zemeckis ever made till he went soft in the head with Forrest Gump.

But I have to agree with what someone said abovethread, this third Potter is so much better than the first two it isn't even funny. Whether it's better than the Back to the Future movies is a matter of taste. If you like cartoonish acting and funny complications involving time travel for the sake of funny complications involving time travel, they're definitely for you.

If you like, however, a touch of poetry with the filmmaking, and some real human interaction to go with it, then you'd probably like Potter.

Incidentally, it isn't as if Back to the Future invented the time travel paradox, or even the paradox of a person looking at himself--check out La Jetee, check out Robert Heinlein's short stories on time travel, check out Pirandello, check out Cervantes who inspired Pirandello.

Also agree with what someone said about the Quidditch. Better you give them a taste of it and leave them wanting more than you bore them to death with it. The Quidditch here looked different, and it never outstayed its welcome.

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