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That's the problem with most of the die-hard fans.  They usually hate the adaptation kasi madami ang nawala.

In fact one of the things I like most about Cuaron's HP is the liberties he took in adapting the story.  That's not to say he did a perfect job cause he didn't but I did find Prisoner of Azkaban refreshing and reasonably entertaining.  It was better than the first two movies which lacked spark and imagination.

Agreed on all of the above except one: I think it's the ONLY film of the three that has any spark or imagination.

I mean--Home Alone?  Wasn't that the movie John Hughes keeps remaking ad nauseum to the point that the latest went straight to video?

Not exactly something to be proud of.

Stepmom, Mrs. Doubtfire, Home Alone 2, the first two Potty movies? All this says to me: "hack! hack! hack!"

And it's not cigarettes. I quit smoking. Grin

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