Even more Potty

"napapaadmit nga ako na, "nah, LOTR isn't really the best""

(I  had to admit, LOTR isn't really the best)

As fantasy? I don't think so. Try EB White, try CS Lewis, try, heck, try Homer.

"and you say it's a faithful movie. naku, kung ganun ba (if that's the case) it has failed twice?"

I thought it failed three times.

"but yeah, it really is hard to turn a book into a movie especially if it's a big thick one"

I think a filmmaker has to forget trying to please fans, come up with a vision, stick to it, and hope it's a good vision. That's what Boorman did with Excalibur, and to a lesser (but still successful) extent, that's what I think happened with Cuaron here.

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