Breakwater and Magnifico win Urian Best Picture

From pinoydvd:


It's a tie for MAGNIFICO & BABAE SA BREAKWATER for Best Picture category.

Other winners...

Best Supporting Actor- Albert Martinez (Magnifico)
Best Supporting Actress- Gloria Romero (Magnifico)
Best Director- Maryo J. delos Reyes (Magnifico)
Best Screenplay- Michico Yamamoto (Magnifico)

There must be something about Babae sa Breakwater...

Well, to be awfully blunt about it, I saw the Cannes Director's Fortnight programmers' expression when I asked them about Magnifico. I like the film a lot, but after all is said and done, it's conventional filmmaking.

And I'm surprised they even gave Breakwater anything. The Manunuries have never been big fans of O'Hara; the only people who like his work in that group are Lito Zulueta and Hammi Sotto--incidentally, the only two people in the group whose opinions I really respect (one is the youngest of the lot and the other is dead). The pressure of not looking stupid by ignoring Breakwater's Cannes screening must have been enormous... Grin

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