Great battle scenes (re: Troy)

Quote from: llanesmark777 on Jun 03, 2004 at 12:42 AM Im satisfied the fight scenes. I dont know if there are flaws in the film. To tell you honestly im not familiar with Greek Mythology.

If you want great fight scenes, check out Legendary Weapons of China, Drunken Master 2, Once Upon a Time in China 2, The Hidden Fortress, Bullet in the Head, The Quiet Man, Goldfinger, Kastilyong Buhangin (Sand Castle) to name a few. What I saw in Troy were a few halfhearted fumbles.

Just curious. Am wondering if the fight scenes in Hidden Fortress can measure up to the desperate action of Seven Samurai. My VHS copy of Hidden Fortress is all fungus coated and I have no way of checking right now...

Well, if you mean one on one duels, Mifune's in Hidden Fortress is more elaborate, while the ones in Samurai are shorter, more realistic. If you mean battle sequences, the one in Hidden Fortress, the opening, is more expensively staged, but the one in Seven Samurai, the final battle, is more brilliantly edited. Overall, I much prefer Samurai's climactic battle--Troy's battles look like aerobic sessions in comparison.

But the greatest battle sequence I ever saw was the Battle of Shrewsbury in Chimes of Midnight. Nothing matches that--not Samurai, not Intolerance, not those silly hobbit movies...


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