Second Class Culture part 3 (read previous posts)

My god, you just have to see the manure pouring out of Hollywood to see their creative bankruptcy; the fact that they import filmmakers from France, Hong Kong, India; the fact that they do remakes, not just of old films but foreign films, comic books, children's cartoons and freaking bad '70s TV shows (did you know that the next big production is the Dukes of Hazzard?!).


Even Filipinos are not immune. Lino Brocka's classic Insiang was remade as an American TV movie, according to Tikoy Aguiluz.


We are NOT a second class culture.  We are, however, poor salesmen, and take little pride in our culture.  That's why it looks second class; because the packaging is poor.


Americans on the other hand are great salesmen, the greatest in the world; I give them that much, with Hollywood as their great propaganda arm. The quality of their product, though, leaves much to be desired. (con't)


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