More LOTR Q & A

monsterboy: "are you saying that, a director should follow his own interpretation, disregarding "displeasing the fans" would score more credit to you in a book-to-film translation? "

Score more with me and maybe a few others and its own integrity.

Take something like The Godfather. Coppola took a potboiler (tho very excitingly and colorfully written) and made a family epic out of it. The elements where in the book, but it's Coppola's choice to emphasize the relationships, the weddings, the meals, the talking of brother to brother, brother to sister, father to son, husband to wife. And because Coppola is Italian-American, he knew how to get the feeling of being in a large Italian-American family right. It's a flavor that he captured better than any American filmmaker I know.

A subtle reinterpretation and a way of making a personal statement that improves on the lurid original--and all without being afraid of the books' fans (Godfather was a monster bestseller). That's art.



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