Peter Pan, 2003

Peter Pan's not too bad. At first I was put off by the slapstick pace of the actors in the London sequences, the Home Alone-style pratfalls (one of the kids flipped by the St. Bernard into his bath) and all the CGI flying. The Lost Boys are recognizably kids without (as Spielberg so horrifyingly did) being updated and politically corrected for the 21st century, the eroticism between Pan and Wendy is nicely played up (okay, it's practically pubescent smut), and were some interesting enough extrapolations (Hook learning to fly, Jason Isaacs playing both father and Hook etc.) that I was won over (it helps that my favorite hijinks--Pan imitating Hook's voice, for one--were actually taken from the book). Tho it was an effort. Oh, did I meniton that the kids were mostly terrific? That Isaacs is dashed good? That Olivia Williams is about the loveliest Mrs. Darling I've ever seen?


prettie414ap said...

I guess I have to check it out sometime.. :)

noelbotevera said...

I thought I'd never say this, but it's not better than the Disney version, it's just better than all the other versions that have followed. Not great, but pretty okay. Lots of other better films to prioritize out there.