Peter Luger's

Saw Bobby Flay eating at Peter Luger's in Brooklyn, finding out how they cook their steaks.

Begins with a square-foot slab of tenderloin about two inches thick, ringed and marbled with fat and dry-aged for an undisclosed period of time (I hear it's 21 days, and that they lose some 20% of their beef trimming the meat). This is salted, shoved in the griller where it roasts at 900 degrees for some minutes; then it's sliced, put on a large thick plate, melted butter is poured, the whole thing plate and all is shoved back in the griller for some more minutes, then served.

Ho wow. 


prettie414ap said...

Cool! I like watching Bobby Flay. I especially liked it when he was on the Iron Chef. :)

noelbotevera said...

Oh, the one where he got electrocuted and lost? That was funny.