A friendly exchange, part 2

"For you, I have developed a PIKON (Loosely, short fused) Theory"


Tsk. Actually, I'm enjoying myself. Sometimes I desist because I feel guilty I'm enjoying myself so much.


"people react with loath to criticisms that zeroes in on ones own intimate defective reality. I'd label them as contagions."




"What is reprehensible about attempting to identify and open for discussion Filipinos frailties as an ethnic? It is said that when truth is spoken, it hurts? Prove me wrong."


Y'know, my only reply to this is this: that one of the most reprehensible traits of Filipinos is the tendency to sit above the fray and thumb their noses at everyone down below. What I find grotesquely funny is that some of them can't even find their noses with their thumbs.


Thank you veddy much for the night's amusement!

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