LOTR fans

Some reactions re: Tolkien fans:

"You don't have to be a Tolkein groupie, or think they rank with War and Peace or the Iliad and the Odyssey, or Ulysses, to appreciate that they represent nevertheless quite an accomlishment"

That's not too bad an assesment, tho I'm one of those who are less than enthusiastic about the books. It's just that, well, I've visited the discussion groups at www.tolkienonline.com, and they do just that--claim Tolkien is the equal of Shakespeare, and Wagner and whatnot. It's the kind of blind idolatry that turns my stomach, you betcha.

"the over reaction to that on that basis says something about the standards and abilities of those who confuse a psychological turn-off with meritorious literary criticism "

Heck, Ted, if my stomach DIDN'T turn I'd trade it in for another (and it's not the delicate type--you know what I like to eat).

I've reasoned on my dislike for Tolkien, book and films, elsewhere, in a more reasonable manner. I'm just commenting on a certain species of fanaticism--specially one that seems to lose all sense of perspective.

Tonya mentions fans of American Pie, and good for em, more power, but I doubt if they confused the merits of Pie with, say, Shakespeare.

"I also understand some people just don't like certain genres of film"

I love fantasy. Fantasy films I far prefer to LOTR include: Excalibur, Last Temptation of Christ, Faust, Wizard of Oz, The Adventures of Prince Achmed. And that's the short list.

"So, why put yourself through watching a movie from that genre"

You were hoping it would be good? Or the succeeding ones better?

"and then harrass each person that enjoys it?"

I'm expressing my opinion (and enjoying it); wasn't aware that I was harassing anyone. If anything, I've been harassed by Tolkien fanatics.

"It seems there is a trend to hate something that is popular because it is so much cooler to hate something than to like it"

There's also a trend--I don't think you're part of it, most everyone on this thread seems reasonable enough--to defend LOTR against all and every criticism or contrary viewpoint, come hell or high water. I've seen it, it ain't a pretty sight.

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