Reasons why I don't like dem damned Hobbits

This was in response to a post in pinoyexchange:

Q: "Reasons why we read a book several times: 1. We love the book. 2. We didn't understand it the first time or the second time or the third time we read it. 3. We know we'll get disillusioned by it afterwards?"

My reply: I used to love the book. Read it two, maybe three times. I reread books sometimes, especially if I like it. Then my tastes changed, and when I dipped into the book again, I couldn't stand it.

What's the big deal?

Q: "And if the book sucked, or if you got disillusioned by it, after reading it several times, then why bother watching the film based on the same book that sucked?"

A: Because I believed in Peter Jackson. I liked his Bad Taste, I liked Dead Alive, I loved Heavenly Creatures. I thought: if anyone can get poetry out of CGI (which I admitted might be the only way LOTR would ever get to be made), then he's the one to do it (on the basis of Heavenly). If anyone had the balls and effrontery to do LOTR HIS way, with maybe more sex and maybe a better understanding of evil, it would be the Jackson of both Bad Taste and Heavenly Creatures.

Only he made three films of essentially good taste (as Godard said, the enemy of art), and veddy veddy respectful. I'm disappointed, and it's taken three years to finally realize the extent of my disappointment. So can you understand if my, uh, disappointment is almost as epic as the films themselves?

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