Manila Bishops endorse Passion of the Christ


Not a proud moment for the Filipino church, I think.

I do understand the church is hardly a monolithic entity--this is why it's survived for so long.

But you'd think those idiots back home would do more than serve up communion hosts and feel-good homilies; that they'd read up on issues and controversies brewing elsewhere in the world, instead of allowing themselves to be caught up in Gibson's fascistic filmmaking.

I knew Fr. Reuter, by the way; grew up working for him. He directed and produced many a theatrical production of lives of saints or something or the other where I was part of the cast. I even remember him changing the ending of one of the plays he wrote when I suggested that it was too optimistic.

This isn't his proudest moment, either.


sixtormn said...

ah, noel, i never you were a thespian! and trained under fr. reuter even!

noelbotevera said...

He is a wonderful guy. I can only assume he failed to read about Anne Catherine Emmerich or about Gibson, hence this blind acceptance of the movie.

noelbotevera said...

Or Fr. Reuter was just following orders.