Another new Gibson project

From Joseph Mark, in The Atlantic forums:

Gibson announces that his next movie will be "Holocaust Holiday."

In it, he will show the true story of how German Jews in WWII were taken to luxury holiday resorts to protect them from anti-semites. There, they were housed in top-quality homes, fed wonderful food (causing serious shortages for the rest of the German population) and served by a large staff of dedicated servants who pampered them and served their every need.

At war's end, the Jews rose up and slaughtered the servants, then ran off to Israel. Ninety minutes of the film are dedicated to beautifully shot scenes of the appalling cruelty and slaughter inflicted on the innocent Germans.

Our local critic, fred bean describes the movie as "superbly accurate, historically, and a tale that needed to be told to counter the appalling lies and slander of the Jewish lobby."

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