Gibson's next movie 2

Gibson's next masterpiece has been reported to be an expose of the lies about the Spanish Inquisition, in which he will show superbly artistic scenes of those arraigned before the Inquisition being fed on the best foods and wines, sleeping in luxury homes and being released after questioning, with huge grants of land and money.

"Some of the tortures may have happened," said Gibson. "But those who were tortured were really heretics who denied Christ, so they got what they deserved."

Asked from where he got his sources, Gibson kicked the reporter in the balls and threw him out of the window. "I told you not to go there," he said.

The movie planned after that is a remake of "Samson." The movie will start at the point after Delilah has cut Samson's hair, and the next two hours and fifty minutes is devoted to a single scene of Samson's eyes being burned out.

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