Alternative Passions

I was thinking, Gibson makes at most a botched job of adapting Emmerich. Who would have been better?

Brian de Palma would give the violence a beautiful look, but I can't see him taking up a religous nutcase, except to make a joke out of her--hmm, interesting idea.

Jodorowsky would, I think, maybe even exceed what Gibson's put in the picture--ALL of Christ's limbs dislocated, not just one, and other things. Come to think of it, he had a similar image in Santa Sangre--could he have been reading Emmerich?

Dario Argento--ah. He's almost as crazy as Jodorowsky and is (I think) a better filmmaker to boot. He'd do Passion as a straight giallo, blood and intestines flying everywhere. And he'd make it all so lyrical...

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