Saw it. Editing is fairly clean, (no strobe flashing), but the camera is too close in to see a lot of the close combat. Again, Western filmmakers should take their cue from the Hong Kong filmmakers (Tsui Hark would have done a better job, I think), who in turn took their cue from classic '50s Hollywood musical filmmakers--action is dance, and the choreography should be crystal clear.

As for Pitt--eh, he does well, considering. His schtick in Twelve Monkeys was the most annoying thing about it (anyone saw the Chris Marker orignal?), and he's usually best in comic roles--the flash in Thelma and Louise, the funny gypsy bit in Snatch (which I otherwise didn't like). Interview for a Vampire would be a classic thanks to Philippe Rousselot and Neil Jordan, but you have to turn the volume down so you don't hear the dialogue--Cruise and Pitt play the world's most wearisome gay couple.

It's BIG. And unimaginative. Homer's estate should sue for the use of his name in the publicity. This is Safe As Houses epic filmmaking, in the Stanley Kramer vein. Even as popcorn fare, it lacks crispness (it's 2 hours and 43 bloated minutes, for crying out loud...).

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