Lino Brocka's films

From The Atlantic online forums:


Noel, the Philippine director you discussed above, Brocka?

Do you know if his films are available to rent online at a decent rate?

No, none of his films are easily available.

Facets (http://www.facets.org/asticat) has two of his late works, Orapronobis (Fight for Us, 1989) and Macho Dancer for rent on VHS, with English subtitles. Macho Dancer is second-rate Brocka, which means I think it's pretty good if flawed (if this is the uncut version there'll be a shot of male dancers in a row masturbating). Orapronobis is excellent Brocka, if not his very best, and is a good introduction to his works.


Maybe one of the very best Brockas, and possibly one of the best Filipino films ever made is Maynila sa Mga Kuko ng Liwanag (Manila in the Claws of Neon, 1975) found here: http://www.kabayancentral.com/video/vhs/lvn/lvnmsmknl.html.


That link leads to a place where you can order a VHS tape for around 25 dollars. Hefty price, but I think it's worth it. It doesn't say if it's subtitled, unfortunately, tho I suspect the film doesn't really need them.


Other Brocka films can be found on VCD format (which usually plays on any DVD player) by searching here: http://www.regalfilms.com/. These are mainly commercial potboilers like Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita (I Will Rise and Crush You) and Pasan Ko Ang Daigdig (The World on My Shoulders)--not great cinema, but a lot of fun. No subtitles, I'm afraid--you need to find a Filipino to do "benshi" (spoken translation) for you.

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