Love notes for "The Perversion of Christ"

(Fan mail in reaction to my article "The Perversion of Christ:" http://movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/noelmoviereviews/message/427 )


From Carl P Pal (cruiser66@lycos.com):


read your critique of "The Passion of the Christ" in Business World's Friday edition.  Sobra naman dude ang review mo (Your review's over-the-top, dude). Parang pinersonal mo a (Looks like you took it personally). Pero kahit na ano pang pagdadakdak ang gawin mo kesyo (But no matter if you say things like) "wraps righteousness around his cloak" "cynically marketed", etc, winner pa rin ang movie (the movie's still a winner).  Hundreds of million enjoyed the film both as a cinematic event and a spiritual retreat.  Hindi ko nga alam kung bakit ka pa pinag aksayahan ng panahon ng Business World para i-print ang kagaguhang review mo (I don't know why Businessworld wasted its time printing your asshole review).  It's the worst piece of writing I've read next to Tiktik.  But you're right, hundreds of millions of dollars which you'll never have, several academy awards in the horizon (which you could never dream about), and a mark in history whether religious or cinema (which definitely you will not have). So sinong panalo ditto (So who's the winner)?  Si pareng Mel pa rin di ba (Buddy Mel, right)?  Galling-galling pala ang movie ha. E ang pinagsususulat mo ang galling.  Mahiya ka naman sa Diyos (Movie's great, it's what you wrote that's galling. You should be ashamed before God).  The movie was a personal commitment of the  director. ikaw, makaisip ka kaya ng ganung klaseng masterpiece (you, can you think up of that kind of masterpiece)? Ha?


Nga pala, I have a few Israeli friends from the International School.  They did not feel offended at all. There you go.

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