Still more love notes re: "The Perversion of Christ

(Still more fan mail in reaction to my article "The Perversion of Christ:" http://movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/noelmoviereviews/message/427 )


From Ruta Hodgson (janruta@mho.com)


I am sorry, but you just DON'T GET IT!!!  You are , of course, allowed to express your opinion but to call this amazing movie 'evil' goes much beyond a credible movie review.  By the way, please do not insult the movie-going public by suggesting that we are fools parting with our movie by going to see "The Passion'.  No one has forced us to elevate it to number 10, and it still has a way to go.......The American public is speaking - is anyone listening?  Mel Gibson is a brave and courageous man.  God bless us all.  Ruta Hodgson 

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