No end to love notes re: "The Perversion of Christ"

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From Dave Lee (nextnext7@hotmail.com)


Dear Mr Noel Vera,


You want to stoned a false prophet? According to the old testament, a false prophet is to be stoned. According to the new testament, He who is without sin cast the first stone.


I know you've probably heard this before, now I say this to you again in reminder,


You don't GET it.


It is like someone is trying to tell you your house is on fire and you complain about his grammer.


Who is the false prophet? In regards to the sound magnified by cash register as you commented, did anyone help prophesise that this movie will be the highest grossing film ever when right in the beginning Mel Gibson wasn't even sure of any wide distribution for the film.  How can this man even be a prophet let alone a false one when he is trying to relate a part of a story that happens 2000 over years ago that he selected from the best selling book in history that anyone can refer to themselves. Do not put the cart before the horse.


To say this is a bad film if it doesn't suit your theology or accuracy is one thing but to call it EVIL is just plain arrogant. What evil has it done? Does the lack of accuracy in the film Ten Commandments while making cash registers ring causes any evil to anyone?


It's like those days in the 80s when every rock band is consider evil by the self righteous because they misquote the bible and uses lots of gore in ther lyrical imagery and album cover. Back then Judas Priest are like mass murderers. Does any of the heavy metal album featuring lots of blood and misquotations from the bible bothers you enough to cal them false prophets and pronouce them evil? Does the heavy metallers wailing to the bank bothers you enough to call it evil. Not liking a piece of music or film is one thing but to be jealous of another man's earnings and call something evil is...


As a critic, you are free to voice your point of view on how you perceive the quality of music or film but it is really foolish when critics start to really take liberty with their pen to be a judge of good or evil of a piece of work.


Mr Vera, in regards to religious hypocrisy, no offence but you do sound like a pharisee, eager to pronouce judgement and pronouce something evil based on head knowlegde forgetting where our hearts at.


As for the cloak of holiness and righteousness that you yourself saw Mel Gibson wraps himself in that you claim as religious hypocrisy, I saw something else.


I saw a man coming to grips with his own hollywood-ness and human imperfection and unholiness to make a film about the one he sees as perfection who loves him and suffers for him to die for him.


Give us your honest criticism and research but leave your own self righteousness to the cross.


No bad blood though, just my imperfect 2 cents worth. Hope you can take it with humility. I know you as a critic is also trying your best to put your views across the best way you know it.


In the midst of all the waves of impermanence and resentment sweeping through the world, I sincerely pray that the knowledge of Christ filled your heart with love and eternity.


God is love.



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