Read or Die, the TV series

Looked through the Read or Die TV series. Not as spectacular, and a few implausibilities (three girls save your life and you feel annoyed they show up at your door?) but interesting enough--turns out from the manga the story is a hell of a lot more complicated, with not one or four but seven paper masters fighting evil here or there. Good fun.

(Have I mentioned that I thought the Read or Die OAV was wonderful, perhaps brilliant, and that I preferred it by a Pacific mile over Pixar's The Incredibles?)


fiendswordsman said...

I have watch the first 11 episodes (I'm told there are 26) and i have to say it.  Read Or Die is without a doubt the BEST anime i have ever seen. I am Going to try to buy the entire set of dvd's.  ROCK ON R.O.D!

fiendswordsman said...

i loved the series...i wish i can see the rest though..i've only seen 13 of them

Ps; i liked it much better than the OAV

noelbotevera said...

I've only seen the first four episodes. I prefer the OAV to what I've seen so far, but I'd like to watch the whole series, of course.