More Day of the Dead

Showed Day to some people today. Holds up pretty well, tho they thought the monologue at the trailer was too long (thought that part was a lovely bit of writing myself, '16-mile-long tombstone' and all). When all hell breaks loose, however, all hell breaks loose; the gore reminds me that Day is still unrated while the Dawn remake (the commercial screening, anyway) is a mere "R"--that Romero forsook at least half his original budget to be able to bring in an unrated version.

Was looking at the bonus features, and can't help thinking after Savini's comments that his approach to makeup--the use of misdirection, and of on-camera effects--isn't too far from what old-fashioned stage magicians do, that (I haven't fully worked this out yet) there's something simple and appealing to their approach that CGI doesn't even bother to try and do. Maybe it's the old-fashioned way the artist collaborates with the audience in creating an illusion, where in CGI the computer geeks present it baldly, wholesale, as a 100-percent realistic image, without recognizing the fact that there's an asymptotic curve when it comes to perfect realism, and that no amount of programming or computing power is going to touch that perfection.

In effect (pun intended), god bless Savini and his kind in this age of computerized crap.

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