More Chimes

I first saw Chimes of Midnight on a pirated video. Awful sound, lots of snow, and the vertical wasn't too steady, and despite all that, I realized it was a great film. Kept missing it in New York, but when I go back to Detroit it turns out they're showing it there for two nights. I attended both nights. I felt I had to, that it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

It was a tremendous experience. In an interview of Keith Baxter (he plays Prince Hal) he tells us Welles needed to shoot an extra scene, of Falstaff and friends running through the snow (they just heard Hal was crowned king). It was spring, and there was no snow around, so Welles laid some white bedsheets on the grass and they just started shooting.

On the big screen, if you look carefully, you can actually see the folds of the bedsheets as they lay on the ground.

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