Filipinos in The Incredibles

From pinoyexchange:

greatbop: so you're saying americans should be proud dahil brad bird's an american?

Americans are proud of their Americans. What's wrong with Filipinos feeling the same way?

i rally hate that trait ng filipinos-.

"Let's celebrate dahil a filipino has done some work on it!"

So what are you saying? That we should be ASHAMED that a Filipino's worked on something?

No. I'm saying we should only be be pround of people that deserve to receive it.. Manny Pacquiao is an example, Efren Reyes is one. they are true gems within their colleagues. Not some "generic animator". You gets my point?

Frankly you don't seem to have a point. We should be proud of Paquiao, of Efren Reyes, of every Filipino who does good work, in the Philippines or out of it. Why reserve admiration for the well known--the people who need it the least?

You seem to assume that only people known for their work, who win awards, are the only ones that deserve recognition. In my ten years writing on films, what I've discovered is that that is almost never true. In fact people of real talent usually go unrecognized, because they're too busy, too obsessed with their work to look for said recognition, or they're too insistent on not compromising their quality to make the right friends to give them said recognition. Instead of being awarded, they're called 'iconoclasts,' or 'troublemakers.'

People who are known, who are recognized, are good at marketing themselves. This has little to do with people who are good at what they do--people who should be recognized, over these self-promoters.

And it's not just the artist/auteur filmmaker. The little people, the craftsmen in the background who do good work--why don't they deserve recognition? Because their credit is so small? Because the vision isn't theirs--they only collaborated on it (in film, the most collaborative of all artforms?)? So this 'generic animator' worked day and night, meeting the deadline, pouring his heart out to try do quality work--he doesn't deserve recognition? What's your criteria? How can you say who or who does not deserve recognition?

What right do you have to say this?

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