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from Peoplesforum:

Saw the pilot for that Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends or whatever the hell it's supposed to be called. Bigger budget than your usual Dexter's Lab (it's from the same gang) but not much more inventive. I'd have invented a cooler apocalyptic whateverthatwas that ends the movie.

jenniferb: we watched that.  twice.  the animation reminded me of Samurai Jack.  the second time I was kinda listening but not watching, and the dialogue was pretty annoying.

"Annoying" is a mild way of putting it. This group of guys ran out of ideas years ago. Perfect match with George Lucas in the running-on-empty department, I think (they still work for Tartakovsky, don't they?).

Orcaman: I'm afraid you may be right, Noel. Powerpuff Girls may be Craig MacCracken's One Big Idea.

I actually prefer Cow and Chicken to Powerpuff or Dexter's Lab. The latter two had maybe one or two entertaining episodes (the, oh, Beatles episode in PPG, the first episode of Dexter's). Cow and Chicken (which have more people in common with Billy and Mandy than with Tartakovsky and company) actually had some sense of genuine dementia. Plus a show where they fling around a lot of severed pork butts (C & C) can't be all bad.

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