Notorious, The Lodger

Notorious is a great film, one of Hitchcock's best, with an anomalous performance from Grant, easily his finest, as a coldhearted bastard; an incandescent one from Bergman, who is ravishing; and a great performance from Claude Rains, who manages as the film's odious villain to still prick at your heart by film's end.

Just saw The Lodger (1928), a silent Hitchcock, based on Jack the Ripper, with stairway compositions that appear later in Psycho, a kiss so hot he just had to try and top it in Notorious, and a sense of wrongful accusation central to all his films. The first real Hitchcock (it was his third) and a real pleasure to watch. Starring Ivor Novello (remember Gosford Park?) as The Lodger.

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