Fahrenheit 9/11

Saw it. Strident, hysterical, manipulative, etc., etc, plus the mother who lost her son and went to Washington to find closure was out of place precisely because it seemed to be the one most honest and unmanipulated part of the whole movie. I liked it.

I don't think the power comes from anything Moore has done (he's both a pretty loud screecher and a mediocre filmmaker in my book), but from what Bush and co. has done, through the years and all over the world (well, Moore does put it onscreen). I don't think there's anything new here--this has all been available in one form or another elsewhere--but if people are shocked into knowing things for the first time by this movie, who am I to argue if it helps, in however small a way (and I doubt that with 2,000 theaters and $61 million dollars to date its effects are all that small) in bringing down the brainless bastard in the White House...?

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