Hollywoodization of Filipino movies

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The Hollywoodization of Filipino Movies


How to make this all pay for itself?  

I say, tax the Hollywood movies.

Japan is resisting okay, same with France, and India.  All of these put restrictions on Hollywood films.

Regulate those suckers. Down with Hollywood.

Flyderman: Shouldn't we just leave those who have no desire to explore the greatness of cinema to their mindless Hollywood shallowness?

Let the market find its level? Know what'll happen?  The local industry sinks out of existence, this including the indies, and hollywood reigns supreme, forever and ever, amen.

I read and talk to people from these industries (Japan, France, India), seen some of em in action, and they work.  They work with regulation, not a strict free market.  

And it's not as if the local industry is without handicaps.  We're taxed 26 to 30 percent--one of the highest rates in the world.  The miracle isn't that we do one or two good movies in a few years, the miracle is that we have an industry at all.

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