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"Yup, you are nitpicking"

That's what I said.

"You do have a point here although I thought the train scene was close as it gets as having personality."

That scene has lots of personality. His mask was off. And you're right about the wisecracks, that's to lend life to the masked Spidey. Raimi maybe thought the wisecracks weren't effective onscreen, so instead he tends to tear off Spidey's mask or keep the fights to a minimum.

"I dunno if you are serious or this was meant as a joke but web slinging and nocturnal emissions? You gotta be kidding!"

Uh...read Freud. And I'm not the only one to notice this.

"I seems you haven't read the comic book...well i won't spoil it for you here in case you haven't."

That Franco becomes a supervillain? Doesn't excuse the stiffness, dead father or no.

"And finally yes, as i said before Spider Man's life in the comics IS soap opera. That's what's great & different about the series."

When I say that, that isn't a knock. Spiderman practically started that sort of thing, and it's the comic's unique flavor.

"Freud was a hack! Well sorry i can't agree with you on this one."

Don't you masturbate?

"yes that's why IMO you shouldn't have included it in your review"

Whatever. I put what I please in my articles. They are not models of economy, nor are they meant to be.

"So.....which do you like better, Harry Potter: POA or Spidey 2?"


Well, I like the directing better in POA, the script better in Spidey 2, and most everything better in Hellboy.

But my fave comic-book movies are 1) Batman Returns and 2) Altman's Popeye.


cutefurrybeast said...

Noel, is there a forum where that exchange took place - don't recognize that person's forum name.  I wouldn't mind reading it if you tell me where.  (Tonya)

noelbotevera said...

Forgot to say, it's in www.pinoyexchange.com, you can register for free but it might be too much trouble...