Hollywoodization of Filipino Films, con't

av_phile: What is so patently wrong about hollywoodizing Filipino movies?  Without a hollywood to ape, would pinoy films have flourished?

Nothing wrong with Hollywood that a tactical nuclear weapon can't fix.

That said, they have their place.  Just keep it restricted and heavily taxed, is all I ask.

Flim: With the way filipino movies are going, are you sure we deserve an industry? Maybe a pushcart more like it.

Let's put the pushcart before the horse, if we have to. Kill Hollywood here in Manila, or at least regulate it down to size, then give more money to filmmakers like you...

If we're talking of influences, sure Hollywood influences, and steals what it can...Ford Westerns influence Kurosawa who influences Peckinpah...Disney cartoons influence Tezuka's big eyed heroes, who influence Miyazaki, who influence post Little Mermaid animators to make their heroes big-eyed...

What I'm talking about is business.  Hollywood is killing Hong Kong, it's killing Germany, it's killing Japan's live action fare, it's killing cinema all over the world.  The only ones that are thriving if at all are tightly regulated--France, India, Iran, to name a few. Let's double the tax on Hollywood films, put a quota on theaters to show more Filipino films, etcetera, etcetera.  

Free market?  End result is, rich get richer, poor get poorer.  How do you think the 1997 Asian crisis and current recession get started?  World Bank is reviewing its policies, same with the IMF.  Free market is fine for the big picture, but it wouldn't hurt to get Marxist (or at least Castro-ish) on Hollywood.

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