The Philippines is a World Power

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"We are not a world power in film or movie industry. The number cited in the Newsweek list (with number of films produced per year) is not a good measuring stick. India has the most, but how many India films have you watched or have penetrated the world market. They have more because also they have bigger population."


Pete Lacaba I'm assuming posted that mail partly as a joke. Production means something although not everything. It does mean this much, that the high production rate in India indicates you can have a viable, self-sustaining cinema without using Hollywood style budgets, production values, or marketing.


How many Indian films have I watched? Quite a few, actually. They are available on Netflix as well.


And that 'bigger population' is a clue as to why world market penetration is irrelevant to Indian cinema. They have a big enough domestic market to support a thriving industry. And one, mind you, that still has artistic talent--witness the films of Adoor Gopalakrishna, or Mani Rathnam, or Shyam Benegal.


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