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>12. What do you think is missing in Filipino films

If you mean most films, what's lacking is the courage to do something different and the imagnation to do it well. If you mean the rare good Filipino film it's the money to do it properly and the marketing strategy to sell it well.

>13. Do you sometimes come across films with themes
>that are lifted from foreign films?

Yes.  If they are done well, I don't mind.

>14. What kind of stories do you think should be made
>into films?

Anything.  I don't want to limit the subject matter.

>15. What advice can you impart those who want to
>pursue the same career as the one you hold?

Find another job. There is no money here, and little satisfaction.  I just do it because I feel it needs doing.

>16. If you could change one thing in the Philippine
>film industry, what would this be?

Lower the taxes, abolish censorship.  Well, lower taxes.

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