The Philippines is a world power 3 (pls. read prev. post)

"How about the Philippines? We have huge market for films, locally and
foreign produced. Our films have global reach; they have entered (distributed) the many corners of the world, land and ocean, because of the demand (need) Filipinos (Overseas Filipino, immigrants etc). Outside of our kababayan, our films have not entered the real  world to be called a world power."


So you don't think overseas Filipinos, workers, and housemaids count?


Please note, the Hong Kong cinema in its heyday in the late '80s was sustained not by the Hong Kong market, which was small, but by the overseas Chinese in Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines.


"How many Filipino films do you know that have other language subtitles? How big is our clout in the Asian Film industry, i terms of quality and quantity?"


That's where the marketing perception is. I've SEEN the recent Malaysian and Thai and Indonesian films, and especially the Thai have bigger budgets and more time to make their films, but in terms of imagination and filmmaking, no, I don't think they match the very best our local industry (mostly the independent productions) have to offer.


On the other hand, it's true that these better Filipino films are very little known. Again, the problem is marketing. It's sad that our own people don't seem to be familiar with these films either.



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