Mel Gibson

Interesting post by LA film critic David Ehrenstein:

I was on Mike Signorile's radio show this morning, talking about Melvin Jesus H. Christ Gibson. If you'll consult the fabulous Jeanette Walls at the MSNBC site you'll note her quoting Melvin to the effect that his Episcopalian wife -- while a truly wonderful person -- is going to hell because she's not a member of the True Church.

Needless to say True Believer Melvin, who has many children with women other than his wife, is going to Heaven.

This of course leads to the eternal question Is There Sex After Death ? I'm sure Melvin hopes that will be the case, because he loves sex. Very strange sex.

Way back in the 80's I met Melvin when he was in L.A. to promote Gallipoli There was a lunch meet-and-greet over at Paramount. Apparently the otherwise fabulous Susan Pile wasn't on her toes that day because there was a competing meet-and-greet on the other side of town going on at the same time for some other movie. So basically Melvin only had me and my colleague David Chute to talk to. This was fine with us as we were both fans of the first Mad Max and Melvin had just finished shooting Mad Max 2 -- known in the U.S. as The Road Warrior. As we were talking Mad Max the conversation obviously led to leather fetishism. Melvin wasn't too keen about that, but he did express enthusiasm for another sexual fetish --

Shit Blisters

What are Shit-Blisters? Well might you ask! That was the question David Chute and I found ourselves inquiring of the soon-to-be-superstar -- and he explained.

Fecal matter is injected into the epidermal layer of the skin -- usually the arm, chest or back. Then during whatever sexual act you're interested in performing -- at the height of passion as it were -- the "blisters" are popped, thus releasing the fecal matter for decorative and olifactory delight.

No I am not making this up.

Will shit-blisters be featured in The Gospel According to Melvin ?

I wouldn't be at all surprised. You know those Jews are capable of anything!

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