Mah Tricks Lava Lotion (Part 2)

(Please read previous post)

Meanwhile, inside the human city Chiong, got one garang leader called Mui-fan. He organised his band of fighters. The lobots then break into the city. Mui-fan end up being leftover rice instead. Then got more fighting scene and got two woman tag-team bazooka like WWE. Big long fight. At the same time, Niao tok-kok with this giant machine (made of small lobot) called Door Macham Ex to make deal. Door Macham Ex okay, you kill Agent Simi. I flee human.

Niao kena jacked in and fight Agent Simi in the rain.

After fighting until even my cock sian by half, Niao finally allow Agent Simi to take over him. Door Macham Ex then sends power surge to Niao, killing both Niao and Agent Simi. The rest of the Agent Simi all die, leaving a lot of puzzled people asking,"Simi?" Mor-peng and Nah-beh then give group hug saying they are saved because of Niao.

Orkang, and that KFC man come back. Mah-Trix then get Lee-loaded. Black cat again. After a while, KFC man says,"Ko kwa simi lan cheow! Movie liao lah! Go home!"

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