Mah Tricks Lava Lotion (part 1)

Singapore Coffee Shop Talk- Matrix Revolution: The Ah Beng Review:

Last night, I go with my Ah Lian to see Mah-Tricks: Lava-lotion. This is my long and short (but my Ah Lian always says I long wan ha-ha).

Niao wake up in Mobil Petrol Station - cannot get out. Have to wait for latex wearing Titties and kwa-simi-lc Mor-peng. Tit and Mor-peng go see the black lady, Orkang. Orkang says "Niao boh lui pay petrol so kena confined at Mobil." Tit and Mor-peng then go see guy at Hell club called French Kiss -- pay extra attention to Hell club where his char borh with big boobs that can occupy whole screen till you can salivate. French Kiss sez, "gimme Orkang's eyes." Tit says "you tokking more kok some more, I give you eat bullet." French Kiss boh pian and let Tit and Mor-peng win. Niao then gets free when tots and Mor-peng come with train. He go see Orkang and wakes up from coma.

Orkang kena take over by Agent Simi. Agent Simi laughs, showing nice white teeth -- advertisement for Darlie toothpaste. Tit and Niao then sex again. So horny this couple.

Niao say he want to go Machine Shitty. Mor-peng's char bor, Nah-beh says, "Take me!" (I think she say take her ship but close enough). Niao then take his ah lian, Tittity to machine shitty. On the way, the chao kwan, Beng, fight with Niao. Niao kena blinded but Beng dies. Nah-beh and bf, Mor-peng take another ship to rescue their own city, Chiong, fighting lobot along the way. Sibeh exciting. Above ground, Niao explode more and more lobot, they fly to sky but in the end, crash, killing his beloved ah lian, Tittity. Niao supposed to cry until no bak sai but he is blind - so dunno really crying or not or because his eyes still pain.

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