The greatest science fiction film ever made

Found out my DVDs from Manila of Nausicaa and Mononoke work in my very expensive and not too versatile American player.

Lara (who grew up on these films) loves Nausicaa but considers Mononoke her favorite. I think it's as ambitious as ever, with a very intense first half, but the time roughly after Ashitaka takes Sen from Tataraba to the moment Eboshi fires at the Shishigami leaves me cold--too many characters, too many subplots to resolve satisfyingly...I know I'm in the minority on this...

And Nausicaa...aah, Nausicaa's just the greatest science fiction film ever made, is all.



efpeejay said...

Speaking of DVDs crossing the Pacific, my cousins are pestering me to bring a trunkful of Greenhills Edition DVDs to California when I visit next year. You think I'd be in trouble if I did?

So you're in North Carolina? Anywhere near Kitty Hawk? 100th anniv of the first flight, right? You there for good? Does this mean we ain't seeing you on Review Night no more? :)

noelbotevera said...

I wouldn't know about the DVDs.

We're hours and hours away from Kitty Hawk. I don't know if it's for good. I've stopped showing up on Review Night ever since they censored me.

Who's this, by the way?