Filipino films

Good Filipino flms are the ultimate arthouse films--they're difficult to find, almost impossible to get on DVD, VCD or VHS, and if you go anywhere in the world, especially New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, Rome, Berlin, Bombay or any of the other great film cities, you are instantly an expert.

Beyond that, there are so few good ones, much less great ones, that the great ones are like priceless gems--walang kapalit (there's no equal).


efpeejay said...

Noel, "walang kapalit" translates as "there's no substitute". :) "Walang kaparis" or "walang katulad" is what you wanted. And the almost arcane "walang kapara" suits the context yet even better -- less pedestrian, formal, thus ennobling.

noelbotevera said...

There's no substitute seems to apply pretty well. I just have to hone my translation skills.