Roasted ginger massage

I have them grilled over a stovetop fire till they're blackened. Wait a bit till they're cool, then rub over the body. When the massage is finished, tie to the most affected areas with a cloth bandage.

Ginger root retains heat for a surprising amount of time, and it has its own heat that isn't harmful, has no side-effects, and while I can't claim miraculous curative powers for it, does help ease muscle pains. You can actually sleep with it overnight and wake up next morning and it would still have a little gingery heat to it, and still no harmful side effects.

Plus you'd smell terrific (if you like the smell of ginger, that is).

I use lotion along with the root. I've always entertained thoughts of using peanut oil, but ow, the bedsheets...if I ever do, though, I'd make a magnificently perfumed roast afterwards.

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