Open Water

Saw Open Water. Scary and effective, in its own extremely narrow way, but goes right out of your head the moment you pop out the dvd and pop in the next horror flick.

First few seconds and you can see the director doesn't have the assurance to be a good filmmaker--he cuts way too much. The night sequence was fairly good, or at least the idea of it was (I still didn't like the editing).

And (SPOILERS) I don't know how you can think letting go of the scuba gear constitutes suicide--what makes you think you can drown before the sharks tear you apart? And why, when she was trailing blood for hours, did it take so long for the sharks to come? I thought the first one should have attacked right after he had a taste.

Also saw--finally, finally--California Split. Lovely, lovely film, though it hasn't shaken my pantheon of Altman favorites: 3) Thieves Like Us, 2) The Long Goodbye, and 1) McCabe and Ms. Miller

Checked out Bergman's Persona and Shame again, and Shame is still great, but I still don't seem to cotton to Persona--many great sequences, but it doesn't seem to come together for me. Shame is perhaps Bergman's masterpiece.

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