Mario vs. Mario 5

jojo devera: what about 'yung eksenang nakatitig lang si Celeste sa electric fan? napaka-stagey din ng execution... sa Condemned at Bulaklak Sa City Jail lang ako walang narining kay Mario B. na sinabi niyang theatrical ang execution ng mga eksena. (what about the scene where Celeste was staring at the electric fan? The execution was so stagy…only in Condemned and Flowers of the City Jail did I hear nothing from Mario B. about any theatrical executions.


Saw this late:


Condemned was more about shadows and the streets of Manila, emphasizing the menace the city held against brother and sister; Bulaklak was all about cramped spaces, barred corridors, and faces all crowded into each other, empahsizing the wretched conditions of the jail (Gina Alajar's escape had visual echos of the jail, particularly when she's running down the corridorlike interiors of the LRT (Light Rail Transit) cars--it's as if she never really escaped the jail at all; the Manila Zoo sequences, however, were a marked contrast--stylized, almost fantastical and nightmarish in the way they were shot, as if to say Nora won temporary freedom, but in some dark, enchanted wood full of monsters). The visual style of each film mirrors and serves the story's purposes.


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