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austin: Okay, so I finally read it, and for starters, it's a pretty kick-ass book. Not very much like any movie version I ever saw (I haven't bothered yet with the Branagh/Deniro.)

I don't think any movie version has quite captured it, tho I hear good things about the Masterpiece Theater adaptation. Frankenstein's just as interesting for the literature (and movies) it inspired--Bride of Frankenstein (my favorite horror movie, I think), Frederick Pohl's Man Plus (worth reading if you can find it), even Brian Aldiss' Frankenstein Unbound--even the movie version has some good things in it (don't ask me just what at the moment; I'll need to see it again).

Okay, rethink: Frankenstein didn't inspire literature; it inspired a whole genre.


kaybarr35 said...

Two strong recommends: Don't Tell by Larry Fessenden (originally The Frankenstein Factor) and May, which does for Franensteine what Martin did for Dracula. I rewatched the original Frankenstein recently, and while it has good scenes, it's very uneven and sometimes boring. Bride was a big improvement over the original.

Bill K

noelbotevera said...

Fessenden has several films in Netflix, but NOT "Don't Tell," dammit! Any recommends from the following?  

Habit (1997)

Happy Accidents (2001)

River of Grass (1994)

Wendigo (2002)

You Are Here (2000)

May--by Lucky Mckee, right?--is available and on my Netflix queue.

I assume you're using nicheflix? I need to get a region free dvd player for their collection.