Mario vs. Mario 4

jojo devera: what do you mean by saying that (Filipino film reviewer) Mario B. should study the art of cooking adobo?


Why, exactly that.


Any Manileno would say adobo is adobo, pork or chicken braised in soy sauce and vinegar, with bay leaf and peppercorns; actually we have variations all over the Philippines--the Bacolenos, if I remember right, use kakang gata (coconut milk), and I've seen versions with pineapple chunks in them.


And this is assuming adobo is a purely Filipino creation, which it isn't. Adobo in Spanish cuisine isn't a dish, but a flavoring on meats; the Mexican version has orange juice and chiles.


So--appreciating adobo as it's cooked in Manila is fine and good, but ignoring the variations and trends in other parts of the globe or putting them down at the expense of one's own version is a limiting act; it denies you a whole world of flavors.


It's a rather provincial and unsophisticated attitude, actually.


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