The Poseidon Adventure (Ronald Neame, 1972)

The Poseidon Adventure (Ronald Neame, 1972)


"The Poseidon Adventure" came out in 1972, two years after "Airport" had proven that there was money to be made in disaster pictures--again (actually, Hollywood had gone into a disaster-flick kick at least once before, when "San Francisco" (1936) became a hit, followed by John Ford's "The Hurricane" (1937) and "The Rains Came" two years later).


"Poseidon" set the formula; "Airport" thirty-plus years later is a dull affair, a movie literally and comprehensively about the running of an airport--how to cope with passenger stowaways (less possible now with all the high-tech security), should they or should they not offer disaster insurance, and which stewardess is sleeping with which pilot.

Irwin Allen knew what was missing; he thought he could do better, and does. "The Poseidon Adventure" is about the cheesiest enchilada in a decade full of sticky rolled tortillas--not the best, not even the most bizarre, but easily the ripest, complete with a set of the saltiest hams available.

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